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Calvin Ray Davis

I've managed to, in my lifetime do close to two dozen murals in four different states. Have painted on every surface including actual heart shaped leaves from a red bud tree as well as small boulders from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I'm proud to have sold close to four hundred pieces of art during my life and have pieces floating across the globe.       One of my proudest moments is my recent art/jewelry event at a small gallery on the beach where we sold five hundred dollars in sales and gave the money to the Michael J. Fox foundation.                                          For me art has always been an escape and continues to be so. During the creation of this new jewelry line I am proud to be  consistently in awe of each new  piece.     Each and every piece is honestly one of a kind. It is a mixture of paints combined with a poly acrylic that allows colors to be mixed that should never go together. It's what I call a magical color pallet on aluminum. Its a five day process from start to stitch. And I hand cut and stitch every piece carefully. I had to laugh when someone asked me if it was computer graphics. I'm like no, would you like to come and smell the fumes when I'm in my studio at my house.  So if someone would ask if I can make a pair, I have to say it is virtually impossible.  This is part of my story and I hope you take it into that realm that gives you pause to smile, as you flip once again which ever piece has caught your eye and realize that it is two different pieces in one.   It's two different types of stitching in one piece.   Two different color pallets in one. Just flip it over and over and over and enjoy.
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